Dare Community Crime Line is a vital bridge between the Dare County community of citizens and law enforcement officials. We actively facilitate neighborhood safety and security by providing an anonymous, safe way to report suspected crimes and by financially rewarding those tips that lead to an actual arrest.

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New Scam Alerts – 2017

Workman’s Comp Scam: Individuals identifying themselves as representatives or affiliates of workers’ comp are contacting people, some with legitimate previous claims, with news of large settlements. As with most scammers, they request money up front to cover fee’s, taxes, or other associated costs in processing the claim. The representatives refuse to divulge routine identifying information and regularly request the beneficiary of the settlement not contact authorities.

Information Needed:


September 21, 2017

As a result of an increase in vehicle breaking and entering reports to law enforcement agencies in Dare County, the Dare Community Crime Line is offering a one-time special reward of $2000 for information that leads to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for these crimes. In addition, Crime Line will offer a $500 reward for each gun recovered that was stolen in the course of these break-ins. There have been approximately 11 guns stolen from vehicles during this recent rash of vehicle break-ins.

This reward covers the vehicle break-ins that began in August 2017 through the present. The reward will only be available to tipsters who provide information that leads to an arrest: Crime Line cannot pay for tips that are based on speculation or hearsay. The tip must be related to the serial break-in cases law enforcement is currently investigating: cases of individual vehicle break-ins are not eligible for the $2000 reward but would be eligible for an independent reward consideration. Finally, the extra rewards for the stolen guns must be related to guns reported stolen to law enforcement.

Crime Line hopes these special rewards will help incentivize persons with knowledge about these cases to come forward to assist in solving these crimes. Tipsters can remain anonymous and can contact Crime Line by visiting our website at darecommunitycrimeline.org or by calling the tip-line at (252) 473-3111. Crime Line also hopes to raise awareness about the increase in vehicle break-ins and encourages Dare County residents to lock their vehicles and not store valuables in plain sight. The vast majority of the vehicle break-ins reported to law enforcement, and 90% of the break-ins where a weapon was reported stolen were from vehicles that were left unlocked.




Strong Armed Robbery: On November 11, 2017 at approximately 9:28 PM, The Dare County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the 100 Block of George Tom Ct. in Manteo for an attempted strong armed robbery. The victim, a manager of a local business, was in the process of entering their residence when the suspect made contact and attempted to take the victim’s purse and shoulder bag. The victim maintained control of their belongings after being struck. The victim also may have struck the suspect during the struggle. The victim was able to retreat and scream for help and the suspect fled from the scene.

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone to remain vigilant especially with Christmas season approaching. Also The Dare County Sheriff’s Office would like to request assistance from the public in solving this crime. If anyone in the area saw something suspicious or has home video surveillance that may have captured the suspect, please contact Investigator Brent Doughtie at (252) 473-7611. The suspect is described as a late teen or early twenty’s white male with blonde hair and blue eyes. The suspect may have a mark or bruise from  the altercation with the victim.

Felony Larceny: The Dare County Sheriff’s Office and US Fish and Wildlife Service are looking for information related to a theft of tools and equipment from the New Inlet Bridge Project along NC 12 Hwy, Rodanthe, NC.  The theft occurred between the evening hours of 8/8/17 and the early morning hours of 8/9/17.  Unknown individual(s) forcibly entered several trailers at the site and stole a large amount of power and hand tools. Anyone who has information or who may have seen suspicious activity during that time is asked to call the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt Doug Oberbeck, (252)475-9355 or US Fish and Wildlife Officer Jay Eddy, (252)216-8724.  Tips can also be sent to Dare Community Crime Line at darecommunitycrimeline.org.






Counterfeit Currency:  The Southern Shores Police Department is asking for your help in identifying the male in the orange baseball cap.  He is wanted for questioning in relation to the use of counterfeit US currency on the evening of 11-24-2017. He was operating a grey in color 4 door late model sedan (see pictures).  If you have any information on the identity of this male please contact the Southern Shores Police Department at 252-261-3331. (Please see the Facebook page for photos. Our website is experiencing a technical issue for uploading photos.)


Larceny: On December 28, 2017 around 10:40 a.m. a white male and female went to Walmart of Kitty Hawk and used the self-service checkout to make a purchase. In the process they stole money belonging to another customer. If you have any information about these persons’ identification please contact the Kitty Hawk Police Department at (252) 261-3895 or send a private message and someone will respond back to you. All information is confidential.




Vehicle Break-in’s: On Friday, April 7, 2017 numerous vehicle break-ins were reported in the area of 6166 North Croatan Hwy in Kitty Hawk. Several items of personal property were stolen during the vehicle break-ins. The Kitty Hawk Police Department is seeking any information about these crimes. Anyone with information pertaining to these crimes is encouraged to contact the Kitty Hawk Police Department at 252-261-3895 or The Dare Community Crime Line at 252-473-3111. The Dare Community Crime Line actively facilitates neighborhood safety and security by providing an anonymous, safe way to report suspected crimes and by financially rewarding those tips that lead to an actual arrests.



Breaking and Entering with Larceny: On November 16th a breaking and entering occurred at the REEUP Wireless Store and several thousands of dollars of electronic equipment was stolen. A Nunmark Turntable, four Shure Beta Microphones, two Mackie USB Mixers, a Maschine Studio Beat Machine and assorted XLR and power cables were among the stolen items.

Vehicle Larceny and Vehicle B&E: 
Since October 12th, sixteen more vehicles in Kill Devil Hills were broken into and four vehicles were reported stolen. The stolen vehicles were unlocked with the keys left in them: all of them were eventually recovered but most had some damage.

Firearm Larceny: On September 24, 2017 at an unlocked vehicle parked in 1000 block of North Virginia Dare Trail was broken into and a handgun was stolen. The weapons was described as a Smith & Wesson SD40VE .40 caliber semiautomatic loaded with 11 rounds of hollow point ammunition. The weapon had  black stock and grips with a silver slide. Case number reference 2017123164

Firearm Larceny: On September 15, 2017 an unlocked vehicle parked in the 1200 block of Wrightsville Blvd., KDH was broken into and a Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard semiautomatic handgun was stolen. The theft is believed to have occurred some time after 8:30 p.m. Case number reference: 17091502

Firearm Larceny: On September 3, 2017 a vehicle parked in the parking lot of Burger King was broken into and a firearm was stolen. The victim reported a black Glock 22, .40S&W handgun was stolen from the vehicle. The gun had gen 3 or gen 4 night sights and two loaded magazines, one 10 round capacity and one 15 round capacity. The vehicle the weapon was stolen from was a plain white box truck. Case number reference: 17090312

Firearm Larceny: On August 19, 2017 an unlocked vehicle parked 200 block of E. Lake drive was broken into and a firearm was stolen. The weapon was described as a Titanium plated Smith and Wesson model 340PD. The weapon is a 5 shot revolver and was loaded.  Case number reference: 17081907

Vehicle Larceny: On August 17, 2017 a white 2003 GMC Sierra pickup truck was stolen from a residence in the 2700 block of Bay Drive. The vehicle was described as full size four door diesel with a black bedliner and a black all-weather tool box. Case Number Reference: 2017104326.

Vehicle Larceny and Property Damage: On August 2nd, 2017 Kill Devil Hills officers responded to “Buggin’ Out” a beach buggy rental company located at 2901 N. Croatan Highway for a stolen buggy and damage to other property. Lights, wiring and other damage had been inflicted on two vehicles; one was missing. The missing buggy was recovered by staff in the 3900 block of N. Croatan Highway and it had also been damaged. Case Number reference: 2017096696


Larceny: On Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at approximately 9:45 a.m. a female stole the tip jar from the Stack ’em High restaurant in Kill Devil Hills. Video surveillance of the suspect  showed the  female stand from a table in the restaurant, walk over to a bus cart, remove a container from the cart, exit the building, get into a burgundy Nissan Xterra SUV with gold trim, and travel north on US 158 ( S Croatan Hwy.). The container held approximately $200.00 in tips for the wait and bus staff.  Photos of the suspect from the surveillance footage below:












Business B&E: On October 26, 2017 the Subway at Finch Street and US 158 was broken into, a 2 door floor safe was stolen containing money.  Forced entry was made through the back door. The safe is a two door floor model with keyed locks.

Larceny: On October 25, 2017 fishing rods were stolen from a truck in the 6800 block of S. Virginia Dare Trail.

Larceny: On October 23, 2017  ladders were stolen from a construction site, one ladder is a 24 foot ladder with  yellow tips and is engraved with “FCHI4668” the other is a 36 foot ladder with blue tips.

Larceny of Firearm: On October 11, 2017  a firearm was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 8400 block of S. Old Oregon Inlet Rd.  The firearm was a black and silver in color Ruger .40 cal. semi-automatic handgun.

Larceny: On October 9, 2017 at the Stop Quick, on Eighth Street and US 158,  a male went in the store and stole money from behind the counter and left in a Ford SUV.

Vehicle B&E: On September 28, 2017 in the Village of Nags Head neighborhood a vehicle was broken into and nothing was stolen, vehicle was unlocked.

Vehicle B&E: On September 26th, 2017 in the Village of Nags Head neighborhood six vehicles were broken into and nothing was stolen, all vehicles were unlocked.

Vehicle B&E: On September 25th, 2017 in the Village of Nags Head neighborhood five vehicles were broken into and money was stolen from two of the vehicles, all vehicles were unlocked.

Vehicle B&E: On September 24th, 2017 at the Forrest Street Beach Access a vehicle was broken into and a wallet with cash was stolen, vehicle was unlocked.

Vehicle B&E:  On September 23, 2017 in the 4100 block of South Virginia Dare Trail a vehicle was broken into and nothing was stolen, vehicle was unlocked.

Vehicle B&E: On September 18th, 2017 in the 6700 block of South Croatan Hwy a vehicle car window was broken with a rock.

Vehicle B&E with Firearm Larceny: On September 15th, 2017 in the 2200 block of South Virginia Dare Trail there were two vehicle B&E’s, a firearm and cash were stolen, both vehicles were unlocked.

As a reminder, please lock your vehicles and store valuables in a safe location.   If anyone has any information about any of these crime please contact Det. Eddie Mann at the Nags Head Police Department. 252-441-6386 Eddie.mann@nagsheadnc.gov

Vehicle Breaking and Entering: On August 29th, 2017 there was a vehicle B&E in Nags Head Cove and in the Village of Nags Head. Both vehicles were unlocked.

Multiple Vehicle Breaking and Enterings: On August 18th, 2017 there were several reported B&E of vehicles in the Nags Head Cove neighborhood. All vehicles were unlocked.

Multiple Vehicle Breaking and Enterings: On August 13th, 2017 there were several reported B&E of vehicles in the South Ridge neighborhood. All vehicles were unlocked.

Multiple Vehicle Breaking and Enterings: On August 13th, 2017 there were three reported B&E of vehicles in the 3500 block of S. Va Dare Trail. All vehicles were unlocked.

Larceny: On July 7th,2017 a decorative lighthouse was stolen from the front of rental house in the 8500 block of S. Old Oregon Inlet Rd.


“Baby Doe”   – Cold Case                                                 Case # 040491-0016

On April 4, 1991 at 10:00 AM Nags Head Officers were dispatched to the 8600 block of East Tides Drive in reference to a deceased infant in the trash can rack. When officers responded, the found the mummified body of an infant. An autopsy revealed the infant was Caucasian with blond hair. The infant was approximately 5-7 pounds at birth and 18-19 inches in length. The sex is unknown due to the condition of the body when it was discovered. The estimated age of the infant is less than 3 month. It is estimated the body was placed in the trash rack in February. Anyone with information concerning this case is strongly encouraged to reach out to the Nags Head Police Department directly at (252) 441-6386. Tips may be submitted through Crime Line as well.

Anyone with information about crimes in Nags Head should contact Crime Line or the Nags Head Police Department at (252) 441-6386.


Click HERE for link to current Manteo crimes.  


Cold Case Commercial B&E: On March 17, 2016 a break-in was reported at 1409 National Park Dr, Manteo at The Lost Colony Theater. During this break-in five Halloween masks were taken. Each valued $500+ each with a value totaling over $3,000.00. Anyone having information about these crimes is asked to contact the National Park Service at (252) 475-9006 or the Dare Community Crime Line at 252-473-3111.

4.28.2016 Stolen Masks Lost Colony


Vandalism:  For the third year in a row, vandals have targeted vehicles parked in the Coquina Beach Public Access. (Please see archived crimes section for prior reports.) The vandals puncture one or more tires of vehicles parked at the access. On Thursday, April 13, 2017 a Chevy Trailblazer with OBX tags (NC) had the left front tire punctured. On Friday, June 30, 2017 two vehicles were vandalized: a Ford F-150 with Quebec tags and a second vehicle whose owner did not wish to file a report. Driver’s side tires were punctured on the Ford. On Friday, July 21, 2017 a Chevy Tahoe with Ohio tags had both passenger side tires punctured. The damage on all the vehicles was discovered between noon and 4:30 p.m.

The suspect vehicle in these incidents is a gold Chevrolet minivan occupied by 2 white males and 1 other individual, unknown gender, believed to be in their teens. The third individual was described as blond with a thin build.
Any information about these crimes can be submitted through Crime Line or by calling the National Park Service at  (252) 473-2111.


NC Highway Patrol:

Cold Case-Hit and Run Fatality:  On July 18, 2003 at approximately 8:43 p.m. a vehicle travelling north on NC 345 struck a bicycle operated by Mr. Harry Niser, Sr. of Wanchese.  Mr. Niser was killed as a result of the collision.  The suspect vehicle fled the scene and is believed to be a dark colored, late 80’s passenger vehicle with damage to the right front quarter panel.  The Troopers need your help to solve this case.  If you have any information, call the Crime Line or the Dare County Highway Patrol at (252) 441-7341.